Career Burnout, Energy Management and Living Your Best Life
Understanding Gender Nonconformity in Childhood/Adolescence
Evaluating and Managing Concussion in the Pediatric Office
Molecular Brain Imaging in Children
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Career Burnout, Energy Management & Living Your Best Life
Julie L. Wei, MD, FAAP
Date Posted:  May 14, 2016
Understanding Gender Nonconformity in Childhood and Adolescence
Robert Garofalo, MD, MPH
Date Posted:  May 3, 2016
Evaluating and Managing Concussion in the Pediatric Office
Gerard A. Gioia, PhD
Date Posted:  April 18, 2016
Molecular Brain Imaging in Children
Harry T. Chugani, MD
Date Posted:  March 31, 2016
Maximizing Neuroplasticity in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Karen Pape, MD, FRCPC
Date Posted:  February 23, 2016
Anesthesia and the Developing Brain, What We Know (or don’t know)
Carlos A. Archilla, MD, FAAP
Date Posted:  February 9, 2016
Headlines in Pediatrics

Study supports turnaround in thinking about peanuts, eggs and milk

Individuals with autism who engage in self-injurious behavior are more likely to be lower functioning and display aberrations in pain processing.

Drug slowed down the annual decline children had been showing before starting treatment

High-dose erythropoietin given to very preterm infants does not improve neurodevelopmental outcomes by age 2 years, according to a new randomized clinical trial.

As C difficile infection rates rise in the US children, prompt recognition and treatment of associated arthritis are needed.

Type of surgery, caudal block, hypospadias types are independent risk factors for surgical complications

Researchers evaluated a group of pediatric patients diagnosed with tumors.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ratcheted up its warning about the potential side effects of a class of commonly-prescribed powerful antibiotic, including the drug known by the brand name Cipro.

10-year-old presented with erythematous, pruritic, papulovesicular rash after black henna tattoo

Persistent childhood asthma may be linked to earlier development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to results from the Childhood Asthma Management Program (CAMP) study.

Younger children more likely to report late reactions, even on placebo days

Drugs and psychotherapy can help teens with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) manage symptoms and improve in school, a new research review suggests, but adolescents still have treatment needs that are quite distinct from younger children.

Cutting out foods with iodine led to deficiency that harmed metabolism in 2 children, case reports show

Blood levels of M2 muscarinic receptors are much higher in infants who experience idiopathic apparent life-threatening events (ALTEs) than in other infants, researchers from France report.

Electronic cigarettes have sickened rising numbers of young children, a study of U.S. poison center calls has found. Most cases involve swallowing liquid nicotine.

Campaign urges health care professionals and patients and loved ones to keep hands clean

Researchers at Brunel University London and University College London have pinpointed a protein marker, which when absent, shows neuroblastoma is almost certain to recur.

Giving infants extra vitamin D in their first year of life appears to encourage muscle development and reduce the proportion of fat by the age of 3 years.

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