Pediatric Sleep Medicine: An Approach to the Sleepy Adolescent
Overview of Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS)
Chief Complaint: Fever and Rash
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia: A Clinical Update
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Pediatric Sleep Medicine: An Approach to the Sleepy Adolescent
Aaron Chidekel, MD
Date Posted: January 14, 2015
Chief Complaint: Fever and Rash
Stephen C. Eppes, MD, FAAP
Date Posted:  January 13, 2015
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia: A Clinical Update
Vandna Passi, MD
Date Posted:  January 13, 2015
Overview of Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) and New Treatment Strategies
Joseph Muenzer, MD, PhD
Date Posted:  January 13, 2015
Infant Mortality and Premature Birth
David A. Paul, MD
Date Posted:  December 29, 2014
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Aaron S. Chidekel, MD
Date Posted:  December 24, 2014
Food Allergy: What’s New, What’s Next?
Hary Katz, MD
Date Posted:  December 23, 2014
Headlines in Pediatrics

The death risk for extremely premature infants has declined since 2000, but only in some categories, while the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis has risen, according to a new analysis of 22,248 U.S. live births.

More than 4000 children and adolescents annually turn up in emergency departments (EDs) with adverse reactions to antipsychotic drugs, according to the CDC.

Fifteen years after measles was declared eliminated in the United States, the recent outbreak traced to two Disney parks in California illustrates how quickly a resurgence can occur.

Data for those born after just 22 to 28 weeks of gestation

Although pediatric high cholesterol levels in the United States have gone down since 1999, about one in 10 kids still has high blood pressure, according to a new study.

A therapy involving "video feedback" -- where parents watch videos of their interactions with their baby -- might help prevent infants at risk for autism from developing the disorder, a new study suggests.

An individualized sedation protocol didn't lead to shorter time on mechanical ventilation in children with acute respiratory failure enrolled in a cluster randomized trial.

Vancouver Symptom Score linked to bullying victimization and perpetrator scores

Oral glucose and maternal holding may work synergistically to decrease newborn pain from minor procedures such as heel prick.

Adenotonsillectomy improves quality of life and obstructive sleep apnea symptoms in children compared with watchful waiting.

Time to first introduction of gluten did not independently predict risk of developing celiac disease in a prospective birth cohort study.

Families with underimmunized or unvaccinated children tend to cluster together, a new study shows.

About one in five had dyslipidemia; one in ten had high or borderline BP in 2011 to 2012

A 12-member pediatric hepatology panel advises bariatric surgery in 'carefully selected' pediatric patients as a way to fend off chronic fatty liver disease and other obesity-related ailments.

Researchers have thought that preschool children displaying symptoms of conduct disorder are more likely to exhibit antisocial behavior at school age.

Settlements and award verdicts high; pediatric cases more often named in favor of plaintiff

Three months of isoniazid plus rifapentine is safe and as effective as 9 months of isoniazid alone in children with latent TB.

Teenagers who suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI) appear to benefit long-term from online behavioral therapy shortly after injury, new research suggests.

No change in length of stay, total costs, inpatient pharmacy costs among children with pneumonia

New research has found that the children of melanoma survivors are not receiving optimum sun protection, despite their increased risk of developing melanoma themselves.

Listening to favorite songs, even audiobooks, seemed to ease discomfort

A new U.S. study finds that widespread vaccination against rotavirus cuts children's rates of infection.

A new study of Head Start pre-schoolers in Michigan found that those who were underweight or overweight at the start of the program entered kindergarten at a healthier weight than similar kids in the community.

A bedtime story may help a child's development more than you may think. A new study finds a 30-minute nap straight after exposure to new information may boost infants' memory.

While the vast majority of American teens say heavy daily smoking is a major health hazard, many others mistakenly believe that "light" -- or occasional -- smoking isn't harmful.

Two case studies show similar symptoms in children presenting with unclear history

The 10 to 20 minutes of a typical well-child visit isn't enough time to reliably detect a young child's risk of autism, a new study suggests.

A study of foster and adopted children showed that a diagnosis of prenatal alcohol exposure was missed in more than 80% of them.

The United States is in the grip of a particularly nasty flu season, federal health officials said Friday, due -- in large part -- to a strain of the virus that's hitting the elderly and children particularly hard.

Interventions address diverse causes of errors, including knowledge deficits, rule violations and slips

Children who are waiting for a heart transplant can safely undergo intravenous home inotropic treatment, researchers say.